The Cloud is Dangerous

Yes, the Cloud is Very Dangerous

Why is the cloud dangerous?

There are many reasons but here are a few:

  1. Any time you store data on the Internet, you are at risk for a cyberattack

  2. You can be sure someone else is looking at your data

  3. Remember Edward Snowden who breached the data at the NSA? Since he worked there, this is called an “Insider Threat”

  4. Uncle Sam is watching you. Once your data is in the cloud, you not only need to worry about competitors stealing your data, but you need to worry about the Government spying on you.

  5. If your data is stored on the cloud for your clients, and it gets stolen, then you may be Legally Liable for the loss of data.

  6. If your data is not mission-critical, you do not need to worry about security and availability, but on the other hand if you data is mission-critical, you should be sure to invest in a cloud and cloud provider that is capable of providing a level of protection which aligns with your needs. Imagine calling your provider to find out why your cloud appears to be down, but you can only reach a recording, or worse, you can only reach a robot. But reaching a human engineer is difficult if not impossible.

There are many more reasons the cloud is not a safe bet. If you would like to contribute to this post please add a comment.

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