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The Power of Computer Programming

Automate with Python

People spend their work days opening and closing files, keyboarding and ‘mousing’ to perform repetitive tasks, unaware that the very computer they are employing could do the same job in seconds, if only, they gave it the right instructions.

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Why Is Math Important in Programming?

Is All that Math Really Necessary?

Students often come to me and ask, “Do you really have to be good in math to be good in computer programming?” And I answer and say, “No you really don’t have to be good in math to be good in computer programming”, but it sure helps. And here’s a video explaining why.

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Photos App Causing High CPU Usage in Background in Windows 10

Photos App – High CPU Usage

After my upgrade recently to Windows 10 version 1903 (OS Build 18343.1), I noticed my computer would kick to 34% (or there about) whenever I did not move the mouse. As soon and I would move the mouse or type, the usage would return to a more normal level, somewhere below 10%. A good level that I normally see when nothing is going on for my computer is between 1% to 3%. There is really not any reason for your computer to use more than 3%, if it is idle, that is unless some application is hogging some resources behind the scenes. This is what the Photo App in Windows 10 is/was doing.

I got on Google and soon I found it was affecting many users. One of the commenters (sorry I do not remember the name, because I did not believe it was the correct answer when I read it) suggested to bring up the Photo App, and go into settings. See the screen shot below.

Remove any folders under the words “Include more folders in your collection.” Also, turn off Microsoft OneDrive. When I made these changes later, after I had tried many other suggested solutions, my CPU Usage dropped immediately to 3% and then to 1%.

I consider this problem solved for me. I sincerely hope this helps someone.


Removing Microsoft Telemetry in Windows 10

The Steps to Remove Microsoft Telemetry

I installed Windows 10 version 1903 (OS Build 18343.1) on Tuesday and by Wednesday I realized that my computer was much slower. I did grab the MS Windows insider edition which I believe means that Microsoft Windows Telemetry is on by default. Windows Telemetry reports back to Microsoft almost everything you do and slows down even a fast system very much. I also, had several programs crash that I use on a regular basis, and presented no problems on the previous version of Windows. So below is a method of removing Windows Telemetry.

I used the Registry to fix the issue. I have included a download-able *.reg file which fixes the problem. Here are the steps to fix the problem.

  1. Download the file

  2. Rename the downloaded file from Disable_Allow_Telemetry.txt to Disable_Allow_Telemetry.reg.

  3. Double click the file Disable_Allow_Telemetry.reg

  4. When the warning about it could be dangerous to add information into the registry in this manner appears, you should click yes.

  5. If all goes well then you should see the following message “The keys and values contained in Disable_Allow_Telemetry.reg have been successfully added to the registry.”

That is all there is to it.

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The Cloud is Dangerous

Yes, the Cloud is Very Dangerous

Why is the cloud dangerous?

There are many reasons but here are a few:

  1. Any time you store data on the Internet, you are at risk for a cyberattack

  2. You can be sure someone else is looking at your data

  3. Remember Edward Snowden who breached the data at the NSA? Since he worked there, this is called an “Insider Threat”

  4. Uncle Sam is watching you. Once your data is in the cloud, you not only need to worry about competitors stealing your data, but you need to worry about the Government spying on you.

  5. If your data is stored on the cloud for your clients, and it gets stolen, then you may be Legally Liable for the loss of data.

  6. If your data is not mission-critical, you do not need to worry about security and availability, but on the other hand if you data is mission-critical, you should be sure to invest in a cloud and cloud provider that is capable of providing a level of protection which aligns with your needs. Imagine calling your provider to find out why your cloud appears to be down, but you can only reach a recording, or worse, you can only reach a robot. But reaching a human engineer is difficult if not impossible.

There are many more reasons the cloud is not a safe bet. If you would like to contribute to this post please add a comment.

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