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You Decide...

Decide which pages in this web template you want to use and which ones you do not need. You can easily rename pages instead of deleting them. The best way to make a new page is to create one from the dwt. 

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1. Click on the new page icon to create a new blank page. Then open that page.

2. In the menu task bar (File, Edit, View, Modify, etc.), click on Modify.

3. Drop down to "Modify > Templates" and choose "Apply Template to Page."

4. Click on the dwt. (You may get a message that content
    will be erased - just ignore it, since you have no content on the blank page!)

5. Don't forget to change the page name and the page title. You don't want "untitled" to be your new page name. Remember, it is best practice to use all lower case letters (NO SPACES)for the page name (gettingstarted.htm). You can use upper and lower case letters for the page title (Getting Started).

5. Click - Save


Another easy way to create new pages is to use "Save As." All you need to do is:

1. Open the page you wish to copy.

2. Click File - Save As

3. In the "File Name" box, add your new name. Remember, it is best to use all lower case letters. There should be NO spaces between words in the new file name.

4. Add your new page name just as you want others to see it. You may use spaces and capital letters here.

5. Click - Save