Steps to Obtaining Remote Support

Follow the steps below to obtain remote support:

  1. Click the link provided in Step 2 below. The link will download an *.msi file to your computer. This file sets up your computer for remote access from Carrier Education. Once the file has completely downloaded, right click and choose run as Administrator or Double Click the file.
  2. Remote Install
  3. Follow all the on screen prompts taking all the suggested choices.
  4. When asked to "Set Remote Access Password" enter xyz_987 twice and click OK.
  5. After the installation is complete, right click the Host icon in the system tray and select Internet ID Connection Settings.
  6. Click Get New ID button, copy the Internet ID to the clipboard, paste into an email and send to the support professional at Carrier Education.
  7. The support professional can now logon to your computer remotely and assist you in solving your problem.