Introduction to Programming



Q1: Must I purchase my books from the GTCC bookstore?
Ans1: You absolutely need to purchase this textbook and packages from the GTCC bookstore:
          Starting Out with Python (3rd Edition), Tony Gaddis
          Paperback: 614 pages
          Publisher: Pearson; 3rd edition (2015)
          Language: English
          ISBN-13: 978-0-13-386225-6
          ISBN-10: 0-13-386225-9
          When this ISBN is purchased at the GTCC bookstore two additional packets will be included, a packet for MyProgrammingLab
          and a packet for Mobius SLIP both of which will be used this semester.           

Q2: When will I be able to see my class in Moodle?
Ans2: GTCC will grant you access to Moodle on the first day of the semester as posted on the Main GTCC website i.e. Look under           calendar, and then under Academic Calendar.

Q3: What will the Introduction to Programming class be like?
Ans3: Below is a copy of the syllabus from a previous year so you will have some ideas about what to expect. You should of course read the current           syllabus when it becomes available on Moodle. Link to an older syllabus