15 CMD Commands and More

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Cipher /w:c - will wipe free space on the drive. The command does not overwrite undeleted data, so you will not wipe out files you need by running this command.    
Driverquery -v - v to obtain more information, including the directory in which the driver is installed.    
fc - File compare. You can also extend the command in several ways. Typing “/b” compares only binary output, “/c” disregards the case of text in the comparison, and “/l” only compares ASCII text. Example:
fc /l "C:\Program Files (x86)\example1.doc" "C:\Program Files (x86)\example2.doc"

The above command compares ASCII text in two word documents.




Entering the command “netstat -an” will provide you with a list of currently open ports and related IP addresses. This command will also tell you what state the port is in – listening, established or closed.

This is a great command for when you’re trying to troubleshoot devices connected to your PC or when you fear a Trojan infected your system and you’re trying to locate a malicious connection.

PingPath - useful if there are multiple routers between your PC and the device you’re testing.    
sfc To fix files without reboot, run command below:    
dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth (run as admin)    
Tasklist There’s also a wide range of modifiers. “Tasklist -svc” shows services related to each task, use “tasklist -v” to obtain more detail on each task, and “tasklist -m” will locate .dll files associated with active tasks.     
Taskkill You can force stop a program using “taskkill -im” followed by the executable’s name, or “taskkill -pid” followed by the process ID.     
nbstat For looking up names of computers on your network.    
netstat -ano | find “EST” To get a list of processes with established CP connections.    
tasklist | find “[process id]” To get the name of the executable associated with the particular process id that I’m interested in.    
cacls This command is “most handy to manually access hidden files and folder    
net use To map drives of networked CNC machines.    
chkdsk /f C: Checks your C: partition hard disk for errors and fixes bad sectors.    
Schtasks To schedule tasks.